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Kurt Johnson


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2023 Minnesota Book Award Winner
2023 Goldie Winner Debut Novel
2023 Goldie WinnerGeneral Fiction

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"So Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen walk into a Vegas dive bar, circa 1986. Johnson shakes the grit, the grime, the losers, the drifters and the barely surviving into a funky, seriocomic cocktail. Thoroughly entertaining"
                                  —Brian Lambert

An RV romp through the Southwest during the COVID summer of 2020.



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Kurt Johnson

Having spent the 1980s as a manager of Las Vegas nightclubs, Kurt Johnson knows a thing or two about what happens in Sin City after dark, and his debut novel, Las Vegas Turnaround explores the scene as Johnson knew it back in the day. His writing is characterized by a straight-shooting style that unflinchingly plunges into the seedy side of Vegas.

Kurt Johnson wrote the novel The Barrens based on his daughter Ellie’s epic canoe journey through the Barren Lands of Sub Arctic Canada. The novel is also based on Ellie’s life growing up and coming out as a lesbian. The Barrens is the winner of the 2023 Minnesota Book Award for novel and short story.

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